Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Trouble with Travel

The 3.1.0 patch is downloading, release can't be far away!
I think dual-spec is the most eagerly awaited change in it, though I'm finding it hard to justify 1000 gold for dual-spec untalented. Still, it'd be funny - well it'd amuse me, so ner.

I've finally gone to Dalaran, made it my home and got the flight point. This follows having to travel from the middle of Northrend to the Ring of Blood to help Hammydin out. I may have been low on the dps chart, but I'd like to think that the 20 minute wait while I travelled was worth it, and that they couldn't have done it without me ;)

Level 71-72 was still not quick - around 10 hours - but it certainly felt a lot quicker :)
I'm now expecting the rest up to 80 to be on the order of 10 hours each, getting longer towards 80.

I need to go to the hunter trainer as I keep forgetting again. I should have already had Kill Shot at 71. I'm looking forward to getting it - as it has the "only useable under 20% health" clause it's more than just another shot for the rotation so it should help make kills a bit more interesting (and hopefully faster!).

In other news, I've been on a Nexus run with my guild (The Elunatics, and thanks!) and you can see how much difference that made to my stats above. I replaced 4 items on just one run and significantly upped all of my stats! Curiously, Armour and Intellect gained most.

Level: 72
Location: Dalaran
Theme: Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting
dps/hit/crit/ap: 365/44/17.35%/1525

Sunday, 15 March 2009

A møøse once bit my sister...

Weeeelll, it's been a while, but I haven't been slacking.
No no, I have indeed been getting my mining up to Northrend levels, followed by the most tediously long level in history ever.
It took around 16 hours of running about Kalimdor to get my mining up (Engineering didn't fare so well and I'm not caring right now). 16 hours. It's so dull.
Following that I ran off to Fizzcrank to finish the quest chains there and around there (occasionally mining the occasional node I might happen to find, don't you know). It took something like 16 hours of that to get to 71. So approximately 32 hours of tedious - I'm just glad I had a guild to talk to and keep me sane. Thanks go to the Elunatics for this valuable service (not that most of them know it, but that's nothing new, they help anyway :).
I figure the extended levelling time was due to me trying to do quests of an overly high level, having done most of the lower-level quests between 68-70.
So I've moved to the Fjords, which are sadly lacking in møøses.
I have to say it's really helped, basically doing quests intended for 68-70 rather than 71-72. They go much quicker and give just as much XP!

Level: 71
Location: Westguard
Theme: Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's dead
dps/crit/hit/ap: 320/17.49%/38/1319