Sunday, 15 February 2009

A mile in these shoes

Wow! I can't believe I finally made 70! :)
It's such a relief to have got there, and at 8 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 14 seconds I easily beat the 9 days target I'd set myself.
After the Ziggurat quests I travelled out towards Fizzcrank, stopping on the way to do all of the quarry quests. I quite liked them, only... it's not that the respawn rate is too high there, it's that there's no delay between respawn and selecting a target so you don't get the chance to avoid aggroing when they do, and they often appear in batches - I died several times and there was nothing I could have done about it.

I always find the mechanicals entertaining - it's that the gnomish comedy engineering always comes across in them, in the idle animations as well as during battle. To cap it all off I got to fly back in one of those ace flying machines from the FP in Fizzcrank! :)

Obviously this (70) is by no means the end, but it's an excellent milestone :)

Now I'm going to spend some time catching up on mining and engineering - apart from anything else I've just spent some time doing the Fizzcrank quests and wishing I could dissect the mechanicals.

Level: 70
/played: 8 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 14 seconds
Location: Fizzcrank
Theme: The Prodigy - Breathe
dps/ap/crit/hit: 284/1112/17.53%/28

All Ice in Vain

I'm very much enjoying Borean Tundra.
The Tundra area and En'kilah in particular have provided massive upgrades with relatively little effort. Whilst most are upgrades in the form of crit/AP - and in many cases also a reduction in Agility - I did get Death Knight's Anguish and the sheer DPS upgrade of Fury of the Raging Dragon. The former is an interesting one, difficult to quantify the results after only a few uses, but I did get my crit up to over 25% in one fight, impressive when you consider that's nearly +10% crit. It does seem to proc reasonably frequently too - it would be particularly useful for a hunter with talents that benefit from crit. The new gun is around +30 dps according to the tooltip I get in the character sheet - also it looks ace; I mean, that's one interesting looking gun.
If those are the greens I can't wait to get the blues and purples! :)

So I made 69. Whoah - I'm less than one level from 70 and in an area awarding more XP per mob/quest than previously. 70! The last level took around 3.25 hours, nearly half the time of the previous levels even though I knew what to do and where to go for the previous.
At this rate I'm mere hours from 70, even though I've never before done any of the quests in this area. Sure they're harder but they pay better too!

Thanks to Kristalene for the En'kilah/Ziggurat quest chain and Chosen for the final quest in the chain. You both made it fun, not to mention a lot quicker and in the case of the final quest, possible :)

Level: 69
/played: 8 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes
Location: Un'upe Village
Theme: Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl
dps/ap/crit/hit: 320/1134/18.25%/28

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Northrend Ho!

Great! I've reached 68 and headed straight for the Borean Tundra, stopping only to train skills and buy 3*+16 Agi gems for my chest.
With 2 levels to go I'm still a few hours short of 8 days /played so I'm not worried about making 70 inside the time I've set myself (9 days).
I've got the void axe quest reward from the Ring of Blood quest and I have to say I really like the glowy effect, it was great to have the team to do it :)
I headed for Bladespire and did a few of the quests around there before heading back to Nagrand to finish off. I like the ogres, they seem to be good targets and I could get through them pretty quickly - that said, 'kill 30' still takes time :)
I enjoyed the last few quests in Nagrand and narrowly avoided having to go all the way to Area 52. Not that I don't like it - it's not my favourite but it's okay - but it's such a long way to travel for a few XP :)
The little I've done so far in Northrend makes me believe it will be good, but from here on I have no idea what to expect as it's all new to me!
XP has been good so far, better than if I'd stayed in Outlands so I'm pleased I decided to come here as soon as possible :)
Being so close to the 70th level I can see, not the end, but a milestone - light at the end of the tunnel :)
Once I do hit 70 I intend to take it a bit easier, explore more, raid and instance a little and generally enjoy the scenery :)
I haven't set any kind of time - not even a target - for 80 as I haven't the faintest idea how long that's likely to take. I also have no intention of setting a target as it would be a shame to ruin the content by rushing it :)

In dps news, it's certainly going up quickly over the past few levels, and I expect the green drops in Northrend to improve it further.

Level: 68
Location: Borean Tundra
/played: 7 days, 21 hours, 42 minutes
Theme: On The Hour, Series 1, Episode 4 - Chris Morris
dps/ap/crit/hit: 299/1007/12.34%/30