Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Northrend Ho!

Great! I've reached 68 and headed straight for the Borean Tundra, stopping only to train skills and buy 3*+16 Agi gems for my chest.
With 2 levels to go I'm still a few hours short of 8 days /played so I'm not worried about making 70 inside the time I've set myself (9 days).
I've got the void axe quest reward from the Ring of Blood quest and I have to say I really like the glowy effect, it was great to have the team to do it :)
I headed for Bladespire and did a few of the quests around there before heading back to Nagrand to finish off. I like the ogres, they seem to be good targets and I could get through them pretty quickly - that said, 'kill 30' still takes time :)
I enjoyed the last few quests in Nagrand and narrowly avoided having to go all the way to Area 52. Not that I don't like it - it's not my favourite but it's okay - but it's such a long way to travel for a few XP :)
The little I've done so far in Northrend makes me believe it will be good, but from here on I have no idea what to expect as it's all new to me!
XP has been good so far, better than if I'd stayed in Outlands so I'm pleased I decided to come here as soon as possible :)
Being so close to the 70th level I can see, not the end, but a milestone - light at the end of the tunnel :)
Once I do hit 70 I intend to take it a bit easier, explore more, raid and instance a little and generally enjoy the scenery :)
I haven't set any kind of time - not even a target - for 80 as I haven't the faintest idea how long that's likely to take. I also have no intention of setting a target as it would be a shame to ruin the content by rushing it :)

In dps news, it's certainly going up quickly over the past few levels, and I expect the green drops in Northrend to improve it further.

Level: 68
Location: Borean Tundra
/played: 7 days, 21 hours, 42 minutes
Theme: On The Hour, Series 1, Episode 4 - Chris Morris
dps/ap/crit/hit: 299/1007/12.34%/30

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