Sunday, 18 January 2009

Guildless in Zangar

I logged in and as usual checked to see who was about. Check friends tab, see the usual people on, check the guild tab... click on it again... wonder why it's grey... eh? Noone I know from the guild is on. Check guild site. No guild site. Someone from guild logs in, they're also not in a guild any more. Feeling a bit freaked by this point. It was fine last night, did someone accidentally delete it?
No. It turns out a couple of people left for another (presumably higher rated) guild and seemingly the guild was disbanded spur of the moment. I have to admit I was a bit miffed. No warning, no mail, nothing.
It's a shame, there were a lot of nice people there (including the guild leader), and the guild had gone to 34th on server in only 2 weeks of raiding - it had a lot of potential. I suppose the guild leader had their own reasons and I hadn't been there long enough to know what was going on.
*shrug* What can you do.
So now it's a couple of days later, I've been asked to join - and accepted - The Elunatics. Obviously I'm not raiding so my main requirement is 'friendly' - they're good so far :)

I've spent most of the last level in Zangar.
I used to hate Zangar, it was especially dull and I got out asap, but this time I'm actually quite enjoying it. I haven't worked out what's changed - perhaps I'm just a more approriate level than last time (I can't remember what I was, though I suspect it was the same).
I still don't like the naga, it tends to be very crowded and it's too easy to pick up adds during a fight, especially when it takes a long time per fight and you're fighting slavers. It's not resulted in death yet but it's still a pain.

I keep seeing wasps and being very tempted to tame them, especially Blacksting with its distinctive colouring. The only thing stopping me is that I can't bring myself to stable Archie :)

Progress is good, though I must have wasted an hour or two in total through being too guild-disband stunned to do much.

Thanks to Astrantia and Otoritakeo (and his cat Taru) for running me through Ramparts, and for huge amounts of moral support :)
I even got some decent equipment and got my crit over 8% for the first time!

I'm starting adding recount data to the summary and I'll probably start adding hit/crit etc. summaries too in future entries. Today I'll just provide crit.

Level: 62
dps/crit: ~192/8.07%
Location: Honor Hold
/played: 6 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes
Theme: Ricky Gervais - Podcasts Series 1

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Pia said...

With latest patch I saw that the rep you get from killing mobs now no longer gets diminished if you are higher level. That means I might get a bit more rep than 3 for killing the fungus giants if I grind them for Sporeggar rep :).