Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The only way is up...

I'm definitely feeling the 60-70 slowdown, but after 3 hours for the first half level I managed to do the rest in around two. I think that's just choice of quest/mob. One that took quite a long time - for a "kill 10" type quest - was the longbeards ravager quest. The big green ravagers were slow to kill, also the skitterers kept running up and aggroing - those things reset their aggro table at random so half the time I couldn't get range on them and I can't take a pounding.

The other thing that helped with levelling time was *fan-fare* upgrading my mount! It's so nice to get places in finite time, and be able to evade pursuing bad guys. At the same time I visited a hunter trainer and got all the level 58+60 skills, which were many and do seem to have had a huge impact - especially combined with Archie hitting 60 and holding aggro like a limpet. Well okay, he's talentless too so that's an exaggeration, but I now don't have to wait anywhere near as long for him to get enough threat.

Sometimes the "kill x things" quests can be boring, sometimes they're satisfying. Usually I don't like the buzzards, but tonight I kind of enjoyed the wholesale slaughter of those feathered fiends.
I think I may move on from Hellfire, now I just have to work out where.

Level: 61
Location: Honor Hold
/played: 6 days, 3 hours, 55 minutes
Theme: Alisha's Attic - I am, I feel


Josey said...

I know I know.. long time no post to play catchup with you!

First, OOooo someone from wowinsider(a site I love) has contacted you! let me know how that goes :D

Second, WOOOO, yay for leveling! :D I know I didn't help with your distraction.. speaking of I have more goodies from you next we get a chance to speak, but YAY! <3 <3

Third, new mount ftsw. Serious!! It helps so much.. and yes it can get time consuming doing the kill 60 of that .. etc quests, but grinding that xp is awesome. I am sure though the break really helped with rested. <3 <3

Serious love for you and Archie! <3

Josey said...

>.> Im a noob. I went and looked and BOOM you're on the front page! :D <3 <£ <£ Grats love!

Anonymous said...

WOOO! WowInsider!


Dan said...

Hey, saw your article on wowinsider and just popped over to your blog to offer some support, keep it up! - and great job keeping a blog of it.. 1 suggestion I do have is a recount/dps of specific fights or general grind time to see exactly how it changes you.. and some info about your gear upgrades etc... but yeah! - great job, great blog and sounds like fun!
- Blued, Warlock EU-Aszune.
GM of inspire

Lithiumflowr said...

Hi Josey, thanks :)

Hey Dan, thanks for the support, I'll think about the recount info, I could add it to the level/played/location/theme section at the bottom of each post. Thanks for the idea :)