Saturday, 15 November 2008

Where'd everyone go? Oh, Northrend.


I spent the last 45 minutes of the level handing in quests from hinterlands in booty bay, tanaris, darnassus and also a couple in feathermoon and thalanaar - so I covered the length of each continent just to hand in 5 quests. Unfortunately those were all I had left to do until I hit 46 and a few more quests became available.

I tried some of the group quests in Hinterlands (e.g. Altar of Zul) but failed as I couldn't find a way to take down two level 50 and one level 47 caster on my own at level 45 by myself. Wrath has totally emptied the rest of the world - there was literally one other person in the whole of Hinterlands and they'd already done the quest so weren't interested in doing it again.
In Tanaris, I got quite a bit of XP just getting Scrimshank's gear up out of the nest, but I hate the Swarmers!
I've worked out a reasonable way to deal with them that works almost every time - explosive trap at my own feet to take out any stray swarm bug thingies, then a combination of multi-shot, arcane shot and volley on the Swarmer, the last one generally taking out quite a few bugs before they can even head my way.
As I was back in Tanaris, I'm sure some of you will be pleased to hear I finished the noggenfogger chain :)

With all this flying about - I love it when there's a slight delay before your character appears to mount a flying beast and for a moment you look like you're swimming in the air :)

Also, today I managed another James Bond style leap - I'll be a grand master at it in no time! If they'd only make it an achievement at any rate :)

So now I've flown all of the way up to Darnassus and handed in the silithid quest and she's got a gray exclamation mark over her head for (I think) the link quest for silithus or un'goro? Argh! That means I'll probably have to come back for it again. Time to work out for myself where to go next! Azshara sounds good for a level or so, even if Lith isn't a skinner :)

Level: 46
Location: Darnassus
/played: 3 days, 17 hours, 16 minutes
Theme: Silence

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mysql> exit said...

You ... are now offically a main not an alt! :D

My guild jokes that we have no alts, jsut lots of mains. Any character that has noggenfogger auto becomes a main. Though to be fair most of us have 5-8 lvl 70s .. pushing into Wrath. Nuts, I know, but its the kind of guild we are.

ANYWAY... Wooo! Good job! :D I really wish you were on my server so I could help you as you need. :)

But, you're doing wicked, making wonderful progress, and at 46.. head to searing gorge >.> <.< Trust me. 8 lvl 70s and yeah.. I know a thing or two about levelings ;)

BUT, do what you need to, oh and make good friends with a mage lvl 70 or above.

Ooh! Did you get your bejeweled?