Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Stranglethorn, argh...

Okay, so I got my level range for northern Stranglethorn mixed up and should have been there more like 10 levels ago. I persevered anyway and only made half a level in around 2 hours - way down on the last four!

I moved to the Booty Bay area - now that's what I'm talkin' about, 2nd half of the level took less than half the time.

So. Level 40! I can finally wear mail, that'll help a lot when I find some :)

I've been finding Aspect of the Viper soooo useful since Blizzard have dropped it to a level 20 skill - a quick boost between or during fights means hardly any drinking and I can use mana-heavy rotations without too much trouble. It's effectively increased my dps by around 30% while grinding and also gets me out of, "Argh! No mana" situations during battle, so I'm feelin' it.

I've done most of the 'easy' quests around Booty Bay (the ones I don't have to travel far for, that is). Allegedly most of these were 3-6 levels above me, which just can't be so, as - other than a glitch getting hoof whatshisname out from under the stairs when I was already taking on two mobs on top of them - I didn't have any real trouble. I guess that's partly me learning how to use my hunter 'bag of tricks' to get out of trouble and partly learning how not to get into it in the first place :)
Although, the high level ones gave around double the XP I was expecting, so I guess the game thinks they are. Either way they were good fun and got me to 40, so I'm not complaining :)

So now I've been to the trainer in Stormwind, can wear mail, volley, freeze-trap for 5 seconds more and a few other bits and pieces. A quick stop off at Mudsprocket to hand in a letter to Tabetha and a long walk to Tanaris later and I'm ready for the next leg...

Level: 40!
Location: Tanaris
/played: 2 days, 20 hours, 20 minutes
Theme: Fugees - Ready or not


mysql> exit said...

Wooo! Nice! I suggest taking the time to do some Arathi things, but hey Tanaris = Noggenfogger.. so no brainer.. >.>

Lithiumflowr said...

I prefer Tanaris, I think it's the scorps :)