Thursday, 20 November 2008

Plaguelands and beyond

Perhaps I went to plaguelands too early, but I found it plain horrible - 10% of a level in three quarters of an hour. I like having a stack of quests I can go and do, combining several and handing in said stack. The Plaguelands have quests all over that chain but don't really overlap - though it is the first time I've quested there and my level may mean I'm not picking up as many quests as I would otherwise. I'll probably try again later.

Either way, I made 52 in a little over 3 hours.

I moved on to Felwood, which was a good move and I enjoyed that a lot more.
I really like the Jadefire demons, they're interesting to fight, requiring slightly different tactics for each type, and of course taking care sneaking about in case there's a shadow stalker around! (which there usually is, if not 3 or 4). I wasn't impressed when, having fought my way to Xavathras, some random person waltzes past me as I'm taking out the last one between myself and him and takes him down. I logged out on the spot rather than sit and wait for the respawn. Had to fight my way back out again but it saved me getting back in.
One thing I hate about Felwood - make that two things - is the lack of an Inn and the lack of ammo. Wait, make that three. Three things - Lack of an Inn, lack of ammo and how long it takes to get from one end to the other, and how long it takes to get there either on foot or by FP from anywhere else. Hold on, that's four things. Yes, this is the spanish inquisition and we do have shiny red uniforms.

I finished the Timbermaw Hold Honour quest to get access to Winterspring with 28 arrows remaining. That's enough for around 1.5 mobs, so I'm feeling very lucky on that one :)

I made decent progress but the time I wasted in plaguelands really didn't help, over an hour in total. I never did get that boost but I'm hoping to later today, this time in Sunken Temple.

I'm now 53 and have just entered Winterspring. Even though I don't have leatherworking I'm still looking forward to Yeti slaying :)

In case you can't place it, the pic is the IF->SW tram. It's not especially relevant to where I've been but I really like the way it looks and I happened to use it today :)

Level: 53
Location: Stormwind
/played: 4 days, 22 hours, 7 minutes
Theme: Kaiser Chiefs - Time Honoured Tradition


mysql> exit said...

Aww! Plaguelands can be a great source of XP. Though it does help to know where all the quests are.

Did you happen to get both fligt paths in Felwood? It helps going back and forth. North and south.

How is Archie!!

Lithiumflowr said...

There are two Flight Points? D'oh!

Lithiumflowr said...

oh and Archie's fine :)