Thursday, 6 November 2008

Even slower!

It felt like I was doing okay, decent kill rate and everything, but I don't know where the hours went. I'm now 41 but it took over 4 hours to do it. Maybe I should have taken mysql's advice to head for Arathi :)

I think my big problem was that on the level 41-43 wastewander mobs I kept getting random respawns and rogues appearing during fights. The pirate quest is 43-45 and you need a lot of mobs to complete, so that's a real grind too (still not finished, ran back to town to hand in a quest while it was still red for max XP :)

I remember liking Taranis, but now I have no idea why :)
Maybe it'll be better in a level or two when I don't have to be as defensive!

Oh, and thanks to a random passer-by for helping when I pulled Calliph without paying attention to who it was!

I'd really like to make 50 by wotlk, but that's not seeming very likely right now. I'll try anyway :)

Also, I'm about to hit the 3 days mark, not a milestone I'm looking forward to. Serves me right for leaving myself logged in while I blogged!

Edit: I remember why I liked Taranis now, my 70 has leatherworking, and Taranis has scorpids!

Level: 41
Location: Taranis
/played: 2 days, 23 hours, 49 minutes
Theme: Camille Saint Saens - Danse Macabre

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mysql> exit said...

No no no! Tanaris is Noggenfogger! :O Hehe... that's why it rocks... :D