Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Un'goro for the w

I've just handed in the best part of a level-worth of quests in Un'goro and made level 51 - including lar'kowri's head. I have to admit I'm very happy with both the levelling time of a little over 3 hours and in particular taking out lar'kowri as he's 6 levels above me and pretty tough anyway. More than anything it's because it shows me I can make up for the lack of TPs.

I left Un'goro with only the harder gorilla-cave quests remaining (ame-01 and U'cha) because one thing I've really been struggling with is the vast numbers of mobs the gorillas bring down just as they're about to die! :)

I also have the Morrowgrain quest but I'm not counting that as it's just damned annoying if the only thing you're doing is finding soil.

After visiting a trainer for the first time in a couple of levels I've got Steady Shot! Yay! It'll be interesting to see how it changes my attack sequence. I imagine I'll drop multi-shot - mainly to conserve mana.

So I'm feeling pretty chuffed with how things are going again, it's not like I've suddenly hit a wall, just a bad patch. I now have to choose my next destination carefully, allegedly winterspring is from 53 so I'm not sure whether to follow the link quest - I'll decide tomorrow.

Like my new spider mount? :) More Noggenfogger fun in un'goro.
mmmm. A spider mount. That'd be awesome. Ride a black widow into town.

That reminds me, I demand mechanical hunter pets from engineering :)
That too would be most excellent.

Ooh, new poll idea. Tomorrow.

Level: 51
Location: Darnassus
Theme: The Man Who Sold the World - David Bowie
/played: 4 days, 13 hours, 33 minutes

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mysql> exit said...

First, David Bowie ftw :D

Wooo!! You're working hard and getting up there!! :D

Morrowgrain quest = AH. That quest annoyed me, but make sure you get two sets as there is a turn in for it not just in Darns but also in Feathermoon!

Woo!! Steady Shot!! It's hot hot hot!! Steady SHot Aimed Shot rinse repeate :O

You've done amazing! And I luff Your new spider Mount! Remember Tiny Skelly > * :D