Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Feralas no more!

I need to sort out my zone choices!

I keep going to zones, doing the lower level quests - still several levels above me - and then finding the remaining quests are too high to spend the time on, so I have to move elsewhere, wasting more time and taking even longer to level. I always had it in my head that the idea was you would level along with the quests, so completing all of the lower-level quests would carry you up the levels at around the same rate you burnt through them. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong :)

Or perhaps the bonus XP you get for finishing orange or red quests doesn't make enough difference to make it worth only doing those.

After making 43 (yay!) in _just_ under 3 hours I headed back to Booty Bay and finished some of the quests I'd left behind. Whilst the XP rate wasn't massive I reckon it would have been much greater if I'd done those quests at this level and at the same time as the other quests; and not spent unnecessary time travelling back and forth. So. The moral of the story is, find a zone that's around my level to level in :)
I know, that should be obvious. More usefully - don't pick off the ones I can and leave the rest for later. In general this will mean I don't combine quests I could have and will slow my levelling.

I'm currently praying that a 10 minute flight is going to pay off with some decent XP from some handins, but I can't remember if these quests do. I do remember that at least one sends me somewhere I've not been yet on another quest chain, so longer term it'll help.

I'm trying to keep this level under 3 hours, but I think I'll be travelling a lot to get to a new spot now so it seems unlikely, and I already spent a lot of time travelling back to Booty Bay.

I'm not doing badly though, so we'll see :)

Hm. You know, it's been 4 levels. I really must visit a trainer again soon...

The flight is over. I'm being sent to the Hinterlands. I must check the level suitability before I go :)

Level: 43
/played: 3 days, 8 hours, 24 minutes
Location: Astranaar (en route to Tanaris as part of the quest chain to Hinterlands!)
Theme: Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher man


mysql> exit said...

Wooo... Don't forget your Noggen Fogger Quest!! That is TEH most important quest in the game!

Now, I am going to make a suggestion to you but it comes with a caveat. :D

I got sick of the long flights, the long walking, riding, boat rides etc.. and a guildie turned me onto Bejeweled in game! Yes! It gives me something to do while in flight, and it gives achievements too!

BUT the caveat is that you can only use it while traveling >.>

Do not do what I did and spend an entire night standing in Shatrath trying to be my guildies scores >.>

:D Good progress though and <3 to Archie!

Lithiumflowr said...

The Bejewelled idea is good, but I tend to fill my flight time with writing instead :)

I expect I'll be back in Tanaris for the Silithid quests soon, then on to Un'Goro.