Monday, 17 November 2008

Uldaman < 48

I really need to not do content that's so far below my level I get _nothing_ for doing it!
I got invited to a random pug and said yes. It was a good group ("hi" if you were in it :) but it took the best part of a couple of hours and I gained a couple of hundred XP in that time.
As a result that was a whopping 5 hour level which is a bit of a set-back as I should have been nearly 50 in that time. That aside, I am now 49!
And on the bright side I got to shrink giants, which is always fun, and then shrink myself with Noggenfogger, which is at least amusing and anecdotally increases DPS as well :)
Also, to make up for the Uldaman experience I'm being boosted through Maraudon (thanks Vik :)

I did some more questing in Feralas, the outhouse quests in Searing Gorge (oh I like them, they're funny) and a few other pieces.

The pic is from part of the Maraudon boost, we didn't finish so we're doing it again tomorrow.
I really need to get Noggenfogger-related pics just for mysql, I think she may have a fixation ;)

Level: 49
Location: Searing Gorge
/played: 4 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes
Theme: Chatting on vent

1 comment:

mysql> exit said...

Fixation? Obsession is more like it! Don't forget the Deviate Fish! A Must have!

Though rock on for leveling, and it does kinda suck that you wasted time, but the good thing is you have a friend helping you. <3

That makes everything ok.

<3 <3 Give my love to Archie!