Sunday, 23 November 2008

Still going strong

I've done well in Winterspring, so I've nothing much to do there now. I have to decide where next I should go - I could head for Silithus or to Burning Steppes, though I'll probably head to the latter for easier XP (and I heavily dislike the silithid :)

The yeti were as satisfying as I'd remembered and went down without too much trouble.
I was very lucky with the quest drops this time around, only having to kill twice as many mobs as items to collect (for the yeti quests anyway).

Somehow, in Winterspring I think I've found my rhythm and it's becoming hard to see how talents would make any difference. I'm still taking down mobs 5 levels above me without any real trouble - I did the Guardians of the Altar escort quest and never once had problems keeping up or protecting Ranshalla. My hope is that this means I'm getting very good at basic tactics, defensive trapping, keeping an eye on the scope to avoid adds, crowd control, pulling and the rest.

Hunter tip:

Unless I have a specific use for a trap (e.g. multi pull crowd control) I'll generally keep my traps in reserve to get out of trouble. Freeze trap if a random add joins, frost trap if things get out of hand and I just need to run the hell away (out of hand means FD has failed as well - I hate it when they don't believe me :)

Level: 55
Location: Darnassus
/played: 5 days, 6 hours, 51 minutes
Theme: Get a Life - Soul 2 Soul


mysql> exit said...

Aww, shame you're not a nelf.. shadowmeld = hax feign death. <3

Glad to see you going even stronger and if yo found your rythm, stick with it! <3

Talents only add to the damage, and survivability. In your case, with the changes blizzard made, your pet auto learns things like growl, etc..

That probably helps a little ;)

Still <3 <3 Much love to the rocking duo.

Pia said...

Winterspring sure is lovely and the quest with the mechanical yeti is great fun (although I did it before they upped the drop rate on the yeti horns so it felt like I had to kill hundreds of yetis before getting them). I would go to Burning steppes too. Those insects in Sithilus is not my thing :p.


Anonymous said...

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