Monday, 10 November 2008

Tanaris no more

I've had a few day's break for various reasons external to warcraft, which has earned me half a level of rested. Very helpful. If I was going to seriously go for a /played record of some kind, that would be the way to go, for sure. But I have no intention of playing only when rested, only making sure I'm in an inn at the end of play :)

Today has gone a lot better, levelling-wise. In Tanaris I've now done all of the quests up to level 46. I think level 47 and above as a 41 with no talent is probably asking for trouble and a really long levelling time. So I've quit Tanaris for now and followed a quest to Feralas.

I had help with the last two pirate quests (firebeard's head and stoley's stash or whatever it is).
The first I asked for from 2 friendly souls hanging around at the time - I could take two of the pirates on solo, no problem, possibly even 3 if I had to, but I wasn't going to even try 4 alone, not with the graveyard so far away :)
The second - a group had just wiped out everyone in the building so I walked right in and grabbed the stash. It doesn't get much easier than that!

On my way over to Feralas, I of course had plenty of time to think about Thousand Needles - not that I had a choice.
Thousand Needles feels like - for alliance - it should be more than just a slightly dodgy through-road, but I think it makes a nice change somehow that it is what it is. I know you could say the same about the Barrens but it's not the same at all. Needles has a different feel to it and tries to _make_ you walk past the PvP guards, and you surely will the first time you go that way :)

So I got to Feralas, went to Feathermoon for the FP and picked up the Yeti-hide quest, did that and the vale-screecher quest that brought me there, then did a few of the quests on the island. ding! Yay! I made 42 and in much less time than 41, even including the travel time to Feathermoon.

I'm having pet issues and at the moment I'm almost tempted to break my own rules to give Archie the "dash" ability. Watching as he idly ambles up to the target before a fight is so frustrating. On the plus side I guess it hones your timing and awareness of everything around you, because between telling it to attack and it actually getting there a scout could have wandered over (had a chat with the target mob, a cigarette, shave, shower, night out, sea cruise around the andes (think about it)).

Someone asked today if - for purposes of this challenge - glyphs were okay to use. The answer is, I'm putting them off - I'm figuring the entire game is currently set up for fully specced characters with glyphs, enchantments and reasonable gear. If I can do it without glyphs that's a bonus so I'll go as long as I can without them. It may be that I'll find it necessary at some point just to make it possible to go any further - that said, glyphs seem to be more about playing style than extra damage and the like so I'm not convinced they'll make enough difference anyway.

Level: 42
/played: 3 days, 3 hours, 49 minutes.
Location: Feathermoon
Theme: The ill person on the sofa probably would have been woken by it, so nothing...


mysql> exit said...


I am so proud! Good job on your progress and lawl at the shower/shave comment.

Feralas drove me nuts, and I ended up spending time in Burning Steppes.. but for me 40-50 is the hardest to level through cause I hate the zones :O


Be nice to dah spidah!

Lithiumflowr said...

Thanks :)

I'm finding my biggest problem right now is I'm finishing off the easier quests in a zone (still all several levels above me) and being left with nothing but quests 5 or more levels above me. I'm not going to be able to bust into the insect nests and complete that in any kind of time because they'll respawn as fast as my "kill, kill, kill, die, walk a long way to my corpse" cycle rotates.

I guess I'm aiming too high with my zones :)

and I am nice to Archie, he (I really need to check what sex it is, where do you look on spiders anyway? :) gets to be in all the pics and everything! and I only occasionally sacrifice him to get away! :)

mysql> exit said...


That's awesome. You could do what a friend of mine did. He literally did all the quests from start to finish in each zone that was labeled for his class. I mean you are about the level for finishing Booty Bay Quests. And things of that accord. :D