Wednesday, 12 November 2008

James Bond anyone?

Whoo! 45. I even managed the level in just under 3 hours again, even taking into account over half an hour of travelling. Today I've done some Hinterlands and some more Feralas (I like Yeti hunting by the way - perhaps it's because they're entirely melee).

One of the things I'm beginning to find most frustrating about this endeavor is the amount of time I spend just travelling. Tonight I could have levelled in a little over 2 hours if it weren't for having to get from Astranaar to Tanaris to Theramore to Menethil to Southshore to walk to Hinterlands and get the FP there. Then when I'd finished, a similar route back to Feralas to finish the quests I'd been unable to a couple of levels ago.
In Hinterlands there's a quest to find some Gryphon eggs near the temples using the vague instructions you're given to locate them (because most are quite well hidden).
It says there are some "near the shed". What shed? I can't even find the shed, how am I supposed to find the eggs! As it was it took me so long to find more that the first batch had reappeared and I could get those and complete, but anyway...

As a hunter I have to say, why are there no arrows in the whole of the hinterlands?
I had to fly to another zone to get them, though luckily by this point I'd already done all of the appropriate level quests in hinterlands and it was time to leave anyway.

One thing in particular I usually find annoying with travel is the boats. I can never remember which pier goes where, or indeed if the pier might not have a boat that serves it, and then there's the agonising glimpse of the boat at the pier followed by a mad rush to not have to wait another 5 minutes. Today I managed that oh-so-rare achievement of seeing the ship, making a dash for it and actually making it! Now as if that wasn't enough, the ship had set off seconds before and already moved entirely away from the protruding pier, so in a James Bond-esque fashion I managed to arc over the several meter gap on my Ellek to land squarely on the deck, to - as you might imagine - the sound of massive applause from those on board and also more quietly from the increasingly distant pier.
Hm. Blizzard should add that one. A minimum 100 meter dash (mounted or otherwise) followed by a leap onto the already moving boat. That'd make for some entertaining viewing - lines of people on the pier waiting before surging forwards at what they believe is just the right moment.
Now all we have to do is think of a name for the achievement and we're done! I'm sure Blizzard will implement it tomorrow if we can just give it a good enough name. heh.
Make some suggestions and I'll put the best in a poll :)

Level: 45
/played: 3 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes
Location: Ruth'eran Village
Theme: Ting Tings - Great DJ


Anonymous said...

"Did he jump or was he pushed?"

mysql> exit said...

A friend of mine suggests:

"I meant to do that!"

Something I think that I would love to see is everyone having to get it at different levels of riding skill.

I would kill to watch a pesky paladin do it on his level 30 mount, then be forced to do it on his level 60 mount, then be forced to do it again with his Aura of the Go Fast™

>.> <.<

I think another thing you could use is:

"Speedy Jeronimo!"

Get it! Speedy Gonzelas mixed with JERONIMO!!