Tuesday, 18 November 2008

We're going to Un'goro...

I decided to get my mining skill up so I'd be able to mine the nodes in the levels I'm working, so spent an hour wandering around duskwood hitting bits of tin.
I'm now over 130 but totally failing to find any nodes at all in my range :)
I may have to do some more deliberate mining levelling :(

I spent some time in Blasted lands, which was incredibly dull as the only quests were the "kill any beast in sight and make random combinations of bits of them to make slightly okay guardian elixirs". I got fed up trying to get more than 1 vulture gizzard when I'd already got more than enough of everything else and still needed loads.

So now I've gone to Un'goro and I'm doing much better, and I've finally hit 50! yay!
however the level took 6 hours, including an hour or so for the mining.
I think most of the rest was Blasted Lands and travelling.

Tomorrow I hope to knock down a load of quests quickly, we'll see!

Oh, and mysql, pic especially for you :)

I'm starting to wonder how my performance compares with someone that isn't talent-pointily-disadvantaged. I think the main difference is kill rates - I don't clearly remember levelling my 70 but I vaguely recall it not taking as long per fight. That said, everything's changed since then, no auto-shot rotation issues any more, differences in how a lot of things work, getting Aspect of the Viper earlier etc., not to mention the new pet talent trees.
The key to defeating mobs for me has been taking it slow and easy, keeping pet heal going, avoiding aggro, plenty of swapping between AotV and AotH. That's assuming I'm trying to keep a steady pace up with no downtime between fights.
If it goes pear-shaped and I've got more than I can handle with those tactics I have to burn through mana as fast as I can to pump out all the DPS at my disposal and hope I can take it down first.
That or FD and run :)

Level: 50!
Location: Un'goro retreat
/played: 4 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes
Theme: Jamie and the magic torch

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mysql> exit said...

TINY SKEELIE OF DEWM! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 YAY!

Yeah, blasted lands are annoying. A good place for you now is Un'Goro, Feralas, and Western Plaguelands. :D

Good luck and rock on! <3 <3

Now you just need to get your hands on Deviate Fish! <3